Client Services

Client Services

We are a school of cosmetology and all work is performed by supervised senior students. As a result, you will experience a reduction in prices from what you would normally see in a salon. *Prices may be higher for longer or thicker hair. 

Hair Cutting
Hair Cut $6.00
Hair Cut With Blow-Dry $8.00
Beard/Mustache $2.00
Bangs Only $3.00

Hair Styling
Round Brushing $4.00
Formal Styling $10.00 and up
Roller Set $4.00
Blow-Dry and Iron $4.00
Braiding $6.00 and up
Flat Iron $6.00 and up
Curling Iron $4.00

Chemical Services/Hair Color
Demi Permanent $12.00 and up
Permanent $12.00 and up
Bleach w/Toner $30.00 and up
Cap High/Low Light $15.00 and up
Foil High/Low Light $25.00 and up
Dimensional $35.00 and up
Correctional $35.00 and up

Specialty Treatments
Reconditioning $5.00 and up
Malibu Treatment $8.00 and up
Tea Tree Scalp Massage $5.00 and up

Permanent Waves
Basic Perm $24.00 and up
Specialty Perm $35.00 and up
Relaxer $35.00 and up

Hair Removal
Tweeze $2.00
Facial Waxing $5.00 per area

Skin Care and Makeup
Facial $5.00
Spa Facial $10.00
Spa Make Up $8.00
Makeup/Facial Combo $15.00

Manicure $5.00
Pedicure $20.00